05/2010 – 07/2012

Entrance to Harbin Snow and Ice World, 2011

Not a long time after I finished my professional education in 2009 I asked my employer for an opportunity to work abroad when soon after I was ordered for a job in China. At that time I already have visited some countries but I have never been that far away from home, all on my own. It was quite a large step for a 24 year old woman.

But everything should develop in a positive way and so I returned to Germany not only with a big bunch of new experiences but as well with my future husband.

During these two years in China of course I was traveling, too. One journey led Verena and me by train and bus from Beijing via Ulan Bator and Irkutsk at Lake Baikal along the well known Trans-Siberian railway right through Russia until Almaty and Astana (today: Nur-Sultan) in Kazakhstan.
For her the journey even went on until Saint Petersburg and Moscow, which was withheld for me because something had gone wrong with the joint visa application.

Another time Maxe was visiting me in Changchun and together we went on a trip to Mongolia and Taiwan.


Snow and Ice World, Harbin, 2011 – two separated areas: sculptures and buildings made of snow on the one hand, on the other hand made of ice and with light. At -40°C it was really beautiful to see but as well really painful after a while.

Different impressions…